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    Tasting Gift pack with 3 10 cl cans Tasting gift pack with 10 cl cans. The Tasting Gift pack contains one can of Organic MADRE TERRA, one can of DIMONIOS and one can of LOGULENTU. MADRE TERRA This oil is obtained from olives of the "BOSANA" variety under organic farming, from centuries-old plants located on calcareous soils, in a particularly windy hilly area, not far from the sea. Exposure to sea winds gives our oil unique scents, enriching it with flavor, which makes it particularly suitable for raw dressing typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, salads, seafood appetizers, shellfish, fish stews and fine meats. With the MADRE TERRA line we wanted to give our oil the importance that adds value to goodness, making the bottle of MADRE TERRA a prestigious gift to take to friends' homes or to serve on our table. Intense aroma of fresh olives, strong flavor, emerald green color. Its taste is spicy and bitter, decisive and persistent, with hints of thistle and artichoke. DIMONIOS: is the name that has been attributed to the Sardinian soldiers who, in the Great War, fought with valor and fervor regardless of their own safety, sacrificing their lives. DIMONIOS is the result of a successful combination of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Cayenne Pepper which gives it a fiery red color. It is a high quality gastronomic condiment ideal for any dish of the Mediterranean Diet. To the eye, fiery red color, to the nose, herbaceous notes dominate. LOGULENTU: is the name of a valley located between Sassari and Sorso renowned for the goodness of the fruit and in particular of its citrus groves. It is an organic condiment based on olive and lemon, a combination that enhances the fragrance and essence of the two fruits. This product evokes the authentic aromas and flavors of the ilsnad, and is particularly suitable as a raw condiment for fish, meat and seasonal salads.
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